Venmo: @TheVaultRadioShow

If you like this program then please consider a small donation to help pay for this website and DJ gear.

A substantial amount of DJ software and hardware is requred to perform a radio program. Audio editing software is needed to mix down the live recordings from my show to make the size, format, and quality acceptable. This software cost several hundred dollars and periodically needs to be updated. The DJ software that I use for my live mixes is now a dozen years old and desperately in need of an upgrade. Additionally, the two channel USB mixer that I currently have is over a decade old and showing signs of age. It is a very basic model and does not have any features now commonplace in modern DJ controllers. Upgrading this equipment will finally bring me into the modern age and greatly improve the quality of my show.

The other expense is this website itself. The audio archives of the show are relatively large in size (about 210Mb each) so this site requires more storage space than a typical website does. Most web hosts also put some limit on the allowable data transfer from a website. This means that you can only download around 50Mb of data before the host stops the transfer. These data requrements makes it necessary to host this website on an Amazon Web Server that allows greater storage and transfer rates. The improved capability of the Amazon server comes with the additional cost that is about 3 times higher than that of standard web host.

If you'd like to help with these expenses please then consider donating a few dollars. I do not want to make any profit from these donations. Any funds raised will only be used for the items I mentioned above. If I am fortunate enough to raise enough to cover all of the expenses that I listed then I'll take this page down as soon as that happens.

Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your support of this program.
Venmo: @TheVaultRadioShow