Venmo: @TheVaultRadioShow

If you like this program then please consider a small donation to help pay for this website and DJ gear.

Goal: $2500

I don't make any money for doing this program. I do my radio show because I love it! That said, this site and all the software and gear that you need to do a radio program gets expensive.

You need audio software and hardware to perform a radio program. The software alone costs several hundred dollars and periodically needs to be updated. The USB mixer that I currently have is also showing signs of age. Upgrading my setup would greatly improve the quality of my show.

The other expense is this website itself. I host this site on an Amazon Web Server because audio files are larger than the average web host can handle. Using Amazon makes the cost of this site about 4 times more than it would be with a standard web host.

Please then consider donating a few dollars to help with these expenses. I do not want to make any profit! All money raised will only be used for the items mentioned. If I am fortunate enough to raise enough to cover these things then I will stop fundraising immediately.

Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your support of this program.