The Vault Radio Show

May 01, 2024 edition of The Vault with Anton Banks

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Track Listing

Aural - Serengeti Crater Migration (Monstera Deliciosa) [AURAL]
Mersel - High Plateaus [Cosmic Wave Records]
Møntero - Vertical Gravitation [Timeless O'Clock]
Fook Yue - Kali [Informa Records]
TheLoopmasters - Spell Caster [Loopmaster Records]
Ben La Desh - Heel Goed [Dirt Crew Recordings]
Shkedul - Primitivo [Reserved]
Blovk - Viscera Regulation [Shēdo Lab]
Jeff Rushin - Perception 5 [On Records]
Burden - Unpredictability Is The Only Certainty [Drawner Records]
M.F.S: Observatory - BendoBox (Original Mix) [Observatory Music]
Drumcell & Luis Flores - Stuck In My Mind [Blank Code]
HANDIKAP - Full Time [100x100 Techno]
Hurtado - Reflection Of Your Adventure [Shiv]
MasCon - Sumpfralle [Snork Enterprises]
Angelo Stasi - Angelo Stasi - Alevosía [100x100 Techno]
Gannein - Time Chamber [Wäxxel]
Barbosa - Botuli [Barbosa]
Nectar Experience - Eclosión Asistemática [Loopaina Records]
Icarus - Renasci [Ethnic Meeting Label]
ALXN - Boletus [Loopaina Records]
R/D/V - Odd [Primitive State Records]
Gustavo Bassani - Collision [Planet Rhythm]
Cristian Varela - Asymmetric (P.E.A.R.L. Remix) [Asymmetric]
Stephen Disario - Rejuvinate [Reverse]
Pyramidal Decode - Tertiary Source [[R]3volution]
Biorc - Conflict [Newrhythmic Recs]
Sam Duties - Smog In My Room [Heist Mode]
Eƨƨe Ran - Threshold [Humidex Records]
Arthur Robert - Kepler 452b [circuit|breaker]
Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]

The Vault is mixed live by Anton Banks. Please note that the YouTube channel is not monetized. All of the music heard on this broadcast has been provided by either the artist, record label, or distribution company for use on the program. Please send me a message if you want your music removed from the audio.