The Vault Radio Show

November 29, 2023 edition of The Vault with Anton Banks

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Track Listing

Feisfois - Skat [Sub_tl]
Artist Code 4D5452 - Verum Verbum [COD3 QR]
Dawn Razor & Archetech - Rondo [samovarmsc]
mort.domed - Wake Up Early [Drofund Digs]
Annika Wolfe - Bent Truths [Motech Records]
O'Fella - Channings [O'Fella]
Fabrizio Lapiana - O.B.E. III [Attic Music]
Ruben Ganev - E14 [Mould Audio]
Peder Mannerfelt - Town Crier (Nikki Nair Remix) [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Kerrie - Theta State [Blueprint Records]
DJ Godfather - Table Terrorist (Extended Instrumental) [Databass]
Inigo Kennedy - Tribulations (Ultranoise Remix) [Bazovoe Techno]
Marco Bruno - Horizon [DOCTA]
Anthony Rother - XOR-909 [Skryptöm]
Toktok - Window [Toktok Records]
Beroshima vs Takkyu Ishino - Lovetrain (Latex Remix) [Muller Records]
Commoner - 7th Loop [Junction Records]
DBFB - 1987 (Bosnyak Miami Mix) [After Us]
Silicon Scally - Digicell [Cultivated Electronics]
Groof - Control Exhaustivo del Miedo (Groof Remix) [Sub_tl]
CYRK - Needler [Cultivated Electronics Ltd]
Hyper Wizard UFO Cult - High Frequency Altar [Junted]
Tripeo - Echo Cages [Cultivated Electronics Ltd]
Strange B0und - The Erotic Electronic Drum Machine [self-released]
Oliver Way - Look At Dave (VRIL Remix) [EPMmusic]
Hoax Believers - Lenticular (Original Version) [Fanzine Records]
Cavemann - Black Eye [Perimeter Junk]
Qohen - Back To Mono (Original Mix) [Revoevol]
Alexander Kowalski - Rising Tides [LINK Audio]
Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]

The Vault is mixed live by Anton Banks. Please note that the YouTube channel is not monetized. All of the music heard on this broadcast has been provided by either the artist, record label, or distribution company for use on the program. Please send me a message if you want your music removed from the audio.