"Xiro Xiro" tracklisting
Recorded  March 7, 2007

:: Tracklist ::

Banco de Gaia, Gates Does Windows, Big Men Cry, Planet Dog
Ben Sims, Encounter (Max Duley rmx), 10.2 Sampler, Theory
Mark Williams, Itís All Over, Shake My, Equator
Samuel Session, Pieces (Pt 2), Bits N Pieces, SLS
James Ruskin, Link mix, Solex Mixes, Blueprint
Tomas Schumacher & Toby Izui, Ghostdog, Manic Love Presents.. (2/3), Reel
Takaaki Itoh, Know That I Hate You, E-World, Disclosure
Hardcell & Johan Bacto, untitled, Clips of Fear, Devilís Choice
Basic Channel, Enforcement, BC
Regis & Ian Richardson, Untergang 2, Sandwell District
DJ Boss, MEK, OR/ DJ Boss, Reverse
Monolake, Surgeon Rmx, Alaska remixes, Monolake
Pacou, Zen, A Universal Moment, Tresor
Go Hiyama, Feeling, Realization, AR
Hertz, Granit, Sweedish Steel, Drumcode
Surgeon, Waiting For Me, Counterbalance
Planetary Assault Systems, Atomic, Atomic Funkster, Peacefrog
Takaaki Itoh, Nile, How the F**k Can I Relax, Sheep
James Ruskin, IF, Point 2, Tresor
Portion Reform, Resident, Imbecile EP, Downwards
Olga & Jozef, Katzen Kotzen, Palica
DJ Lock, Intro, Macabre EP, Reaktor 2