The Vault Radio Show

August 31, 2022 edition of The Vault with Anton Banks

Track Listing

Matt Altman - The Arrival of Sukuna (Original Mix) [ALT RECORDS]
PETRU - Retro_Futura_Muse [Kolibri Space Shuttle]
[KRTM] - I'm Just Cupid [ARTS]
Antonio Sanna - Notturno [Hyperfocus]
Shed - September 5th [Edition Dur]
Acidulant - Drankx [Co-Accused Records]
Deepchord - Ricochet [Soma Recordings]
Surt - One (Téo Dréan Remix) [Affute]
18:18 - Tribute To Baalham [18:18]
KaioBarssalos - Keblo Rizer [Nin92wo Records]
Human Safari - Human silk (Kaiser remix) [Solid Tracks Records]
Cailín - Dismantled (Original Mix) [[R]evolution]
Nobel Cortex - Relation (Original Mix) [MALöR Records]
Dave Wincent - Broken Magic Wand [[R]evolution]
Lasse - Exceptional Thoughts [Drawner Records]
Modu-late - Formulero (Original Mix) [AsymetriK]
Klaudia Gawlas & Gary Beck - Treasure [BEK Audio]
Mark Sherry meets Space Frog & Derb - Follow Me (D.A.V.E. the Drummer Remix) [Techburst]
Matt Altman - The Exorcism of Hanami (Original Mix) [ALT RECORDS]
Aridan Torke - Social_ Behavior_(Original_Mix) [Cronopolis Recs]
Ian Axide - Skin (Original) [Skin]
Alex Dolby - TEIV [Evod Music]
RNGD - NUFF [Timeless O'Clock]
Suhasya - Try Catch [16SLVS001]
Jack Fresia - Really Long Gone [Junction Records]
Artist Code 554E53 - Flexible Life [Cod3 QR]
Alex Justino - Next Room [Nin92wo Records]
Fergus Sweetland - Inflow [Hayes]
gãl - Enchanted [Mould Audio]
Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]

The Vault is mixed live by Anton Banks. Please note that the YouTube channel is not monetized. All of the music heard on this broadcast has been provided by either the artist, record label, or distribution company for use on the program. Please send me a message if you want your music removed from the audio.