The Vault Radio Show

April 06, 2022 edition of The Vault with 6047 (An Ho), Anton Banks

Track Listing

Digital Moss - Nohe [Micro.fon]
M422 - Dradin's Theme [Pattern Abuse]
Max Cavalerra - Stellaris [Brogue]
Artist Code 433243 - Body & Soul [COD3 QR]
DR8 - Resist [LINK Audio]
Kerrie - Native Intelligence [Blueprint]
Decoder - Emotional Intelligence [Codec Recordings]
John Plaza - Intra Trinus [Fur:ther Sessions]
Ackermann and William Arist - Bigger than yours [Safe Space]

Guest set by 6047 (aka An Ho, Elektronik Tranzmissionz Podcast)
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MOY - Scattered Disc (Original Mix) [Nocta Numerica]
Freestyle Man - Breakdown 2020 (Original Mix) [Mood]
C.P.I. - Sol (C.P.I. Remix) [Hivern Discs]
George Adi - Halve (Original Mix) [Tronic]
Creasoul - Return To Planet X-103 (Original Mix) [ZEN DNA]
Ivna Ji - Rescape (Original Mix) [20-20 Vision]
Hockins - Let's Do It (Original Mix) [EasyVolt]
Zeta Reticula - Binary Pair (Original Mix) [1605]
Reva Chol - Bite The Bullet (Original Mix) [Science Cult]
Renwartherger - Under The Rug (Original Mix) [Bulletdodge]
Computor Rockers - Computor Mechanic (Original Mix) [Casa Voyager]
Ejeca - Mallusk (Original Mix) [Shall Not Fade]
Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]

The Vault is mixed live by Anton Banks. Please note that the YouTube channel is not monetized. All of the music heard on this broadcast has been provided by either the artist, record label, or distribution company for use on the program. Please send me a message if you want your music removed from the audio.