The Vault Radio Show

Broadcast on June 24, 2020

Track Listing

Roberto Rodriguez - Pareidolia [ARTS ]
MECHANIC - Sub-mission [Eclectic Limited]
Millsart - Analogue Afternoon [Axis]
25 places - I Just Want To [Late Night Running]
Yana Etc. - Greetings from the Hell [Syberian ]
Pablo Splice - 2 The 9s (Fleck E.S.C Remix) [Woodwork]
Enko - Ozulu (A. Brehme remix) [Copyright Control]
Surt - Sacrificium [Planet Rhythm]
Holldën - Aphasia [Disturb]
ANTN - She Is Coming Home [ENOTAKTIK ]
Norbak - Struggle in Vain [Soma]
Steve Parker - Alien Mutation (Original Mix) [Muted Rec]
Natan Vance - Körperdouble (Junkie Digital Mix) [Twidl]
Alexander Kowalski - Imperfect Sphere (Original Mix) [Mindcut Music]
Van Bonn - Conchord (Freund Der Familie Reshape) [Van Bonn]

Guest set by DJ Kendus
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Sorry, the track listing is not available
Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]

The Vault is mixed live by Anton Banks. Please note that the YouTube channel is not monetized. All of the music heard on this broadcast has been provided by either the artist, record label, or distribution company for use on the program. Please send me a message if you want your music removed from the audio.