Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Van Bonn - Conchord [Van Bonn]
The Rattler Proxy - Master Incision (Legowelt & Maiovvi Remix) [Just Gazing Records]
James Bangura - Mae Charles [Step Back Trax]
Eddie Fowlkes - The Past and Present feat. Benji Candelario (A Benji Candelario Mix) [City Boy Music]
Adryiano - U BETTER AXUMBODY [Cestraw ]
Petit Astronaute - Labyrinth Of Colours [Affûté ]
Alternate Current - Polarity Symbol [Unknown Movements ]
Neiland - Nothing Less [Nada Records]
Kyle Geiger - Wrong Turn (Original Mix) [MB Elektronics]
Developer - 24hrs in Beijing [Modular]
RNGD - BROKEN RITUAL 2 [Emphatic Records]
Cardao - Physics [Newrhythmic Recs]
DSTM - Dirdam [DSTM]
Raul Young - Broken Glass [Planet Rhythm]
Dekeyden - Unspoken Attraction [AWRY ]
Sept - Ultimate Seduction [Voxnox ]
Dario Duegra - Traum [Muted Rec]
Vinicius Honorio and Orion - Recall [Modulhertz ]
HICCUP - I Stand Alone (VSK Remix) [Avosync ]
Allan Feytor - Kompatibilität (Original Mix) [Liberta]
A Thousand Details - Don Pesino (Wind Scythe Version) [ATD]
Augusto Taito - Vawes (Original Mix) [Starwork sas]
Lars Huismann - Aquila [Soma Quality Recordings]
Rebecca Delle Piane - Nest Thief [Copyright Control]
RNGD - BROKEN RITUAL 1 [Emphatic Records]
HD_Substance - Astronomical Guidepost [NORD]
Chlär - The Great Filter (Original Mix) [Adroit Music]
Luca La Rocca - Amazing Choice [Affekt]
The Black Dog - Kärntnertor [Dust Science Recordings]
Sibling & Drhamer - Dislodge [Newrhythmic Recs]

Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]