Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Cabasa - Crystal Clear [No Suit Records]
Antares Mates - Movimento 2 (Chevel Remix) [Jazz-O-Tech]
Asec - Touch [Asec]
Obscure Shape & Shdw - Die Illusion [Arts]
Spartaque - Space Cat [Intec]
I Am Bam - Orbital [Unrilis]
Yan Cook - As Dusk Fell (Developer Remix) [Cooked]
Atroxx - Nothing Left [Analytictrail]
Michael Klein - Yuzu [Cocoon Recordings]
Uun - Between The Lines [Soma]
Alex Dolby - Purple Rain [Dead Cert. Records]
Fisssh - Panaque [Float Records]
Bryan Chapman - Nimrala [Epmmusic]
Bw - It Used To Be [Gegenwarts]
Jonas Kopp - Solar Maximus [Tremsix]
Raul Young - Transformed Thoughts [Rawflex Music]
Cadans - Thermal [Krachtvoer]
Jesus Riano - Rohh [Sub Tl]
Aerialist - Asket [Arts]
Lewis Fautzi - Extinction F04 [Soma]
Christian Hornbostel - Undae (Patrik Skoog Remix) [Hidden Suite]
Grindvik - Maintain [Leyla Records]
Mlz (It) - Intense [Wunderblock Records]
Mśdon - Limited Hangout [Sonic Groove]
Twcor - The Alpha Incident [Planet Rhythm]
Billy Turner - Mislead [Copyright Control]
A. Morgan - Loathing [Newrhythmic Recs]
Paul Ritch - Revelation [Modularz]
Truncate - Initials [Blueprint]
Uvšll - Resistance [Hayes]
Michel Lauriola - Poses [Emphatic]
Yan Cook - Prospect [Cooked]

Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]