Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Korablove - Train No. 25 [Elusive]
Claus Poulsen - The Ambient Bath [Pattern Abuse]
Dharma - Light Rain [Nothing Is Real]
Artist Code 52454d - Multiverse By Moonlight [Cod3qr002]
Counterfly - Under The Shell [Broque]
Diexx - Tantemma Ft Illusive Man [Phisica]
Marla Singer - Eerie 004 [Dokument Records]
Chptr - Incontrovertible Assurance [Chapter Records]
Worg - Lupercus (Feral Interpretation) [Lykos Records]
Marii With Nihil Young - Transcendence (Samuel L Session Remix) [Frequenza]
Steinmetz - Ruhe [Steinmetz]
One Track Brain & Ceili - Eternal Youth [Otb Records]
Gforty - Paradise Lost [Motech Records]
Alex Dior - Winter Scenery (Andre Walter Remix) [Complexx Music]
Andres Campo - Glaciar [Intec Digital]
Deep Colors - Yeah (Andre Kronert Remix) [Rawflex Music]
Forward Strategy Group - Infinity Circuit [Methodical]
Nathan Jones - Pulsate [Delinquent Delivery]
Noise Reduction System - Land Of Fires [Sonntag Morgen]
Conrad Van Orton - Self Obsessed But Charmless [Krs]
Eos Research - Kepler-442 B [Soma Recordings]
Kyle Geiger - Neverends [Front Left Records]
Jx-216 - Yuba [Ascetic Limited]
Rudosa - Neurosis [Misfit Music]
Strisc. - Isltn01.3 [Strisctrx]
Giordano - Headless [Soma Recordings]
Mike Davis - Anti-Mimesis 4 [Brenda]
Thomas Hoffknecht - Open Your Eyes [Micro.Fon]
Laval - Antechrist [Stockholm Ltd]
Edit Select - Vault 2015 [Planet Rhythm]

Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]