Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Drew Weidman - The Perpetual Event [Record Union]
Roll The Dice & Glasser - Elevate [The New Black]
Netsh - Sleep.Exe [Arts]
Oake - Apath (Regis Remix) [Snts]
Madben - Space Bubbles [Astropolis]
Nathan Surreal - The Dreams [Native Response]
Brad Wilder - Restart (Dewalta Remix) [Offline]
Amandra - Caftan [Edit Select Records]
Andre Kronert - The Gate [Even Odd]
Mr Velcro Fastener - A Monster In Two Worlds (Silicon Scally Vocal Remix) [Electrix]
Bunkr - Outerstellar [Vlsi]
Jon Dixon - Five 15 [4evr 4wrd]
Christopher Coe - Let It Go [Awesome Soundwave]
Sierra Sam - Iteritas (Ma Spaventi Remix) [Wolf Trap]
Orphx - Solipisit [Sonic Groove]
Marco Bailey - Grey Yard [Sleaze]
Judas - Id 7 [Arts]
Developer - Get Down Motive [Modularz]
Joton - Antioquia I [Odd Even]
Mod3llr - Stationary [Mod3llr]
Paul Ritch - Spiral [Quartz Rec]
Thomas Hessler - Aura [Crossing]
Kill Ref - Latum [Kr/Lf]
Valentin Mase - She Glanced At The Hazy Sky [Abyss Recordings]
Dominik Musiolik - Rollercoaster [Proper Techno Tunes]
Antwon Faulkner - Dogon [Hijacked Records Detroit]
Klaudia Gawlas - Margin (Edit Select Remix) [Blackrod]
Moddullar - Reflections [Innsignn]
Joton - Antioquia Ii [Odd Even]
Pjotr G & Dubiosity - Turmoil (Petter B Pad Wash Remix) [Lateral Fragments]

Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]