Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Oliver Way - 12 Lucky Dip Late Night Mix [Epmmusic]
Duke Zilla - Trop Fonk [Jazz-O-Matic]
Matuss - Sisabuc Fresh [Absence Seizure]
Arma - 9mm [Corpus]
Hydergine - Diving Alone (JS Zeiter Remix) [Dreiklang Records]
Kaspiann - Polar [Planet Rhythm]
Rar - L'Absolu [Vaerel Records]
Dorian Gray - Celeste [Edit Select Records]
Ben Buitendijk - Stardust [Oblique Music]
Ucleden - Do Not Stand At My Grave (Max Cavalerra Remix) [Broque]
Valerio Vaudano - Les Hiboux Dansant [Sungate]
Obergman - Blineone [Propaganda Moscow]
Fabrizio Lapiana - Shoegazing III [ARTS]
Unknown - Chromospheric Activity [Unknown - Not Tagged]
CADANS - DonT Tell Me [Materia Obscura]
Christine Benz - Vader Mood [Micro.Fon]
Filterheadz - Hyperdrive [Prospect]
Moddullar - Reflections [INNSIGNN]
Furia - Lost Soul [Disturb Techno]
Klaudia Gawlas - Niet [Redimension]
Kill Ref - Latum [KR/LF]
Paula Cazenave - Picky Pigeons (Ben Sims Remix) [Combine Audio]
Max Durante - New Belgian Resistance [Sonic Groove]
A.Morgan - Dystrophy [Newrhythmic Recs]
Shkedul - Disambiguo [ALK Recordings]
Setaoc Mass - To Not Exist [Soma]
Rudosa - The Quest [Underground Audio]
George Libe - Factory [Remain Records]
Refracted - Dom [Black Codes Experiments]
James Demon- Fingernails [Occultists]
Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]