Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Icr - Reconstellation [Tapes Sublimating,]
Ersatz Olfolks - Laminar Flow [Arts]
Rich P & Lee - Gypsy Smith 2 [Deeptrax Records]
C. Scott - Departure [Pittsburgh Tracks]
Shlomi Aber - Echo Mission [Be As One]
Fluxion - Train Incident [Vibrant Music]
Pharaoh & Yogg - The Great Attractor [Counterchange]
Edanticonf - Stars 3 [Linear Movement]
Mendy - By The Hand [Planet Rhythm]
Shurko Love - Plastik [Fanzine Records]
Confluence - Red Machine [Sub Tl]
Hvn - Abstract [Dokument Records]
Ruhbarb - Phobos [Materia]
Cari Lekebusch & Dungeon Acid - State Of Matter [H-Productions]
Jokasti & Nek - Sinusoid [Kr/Lf Records]
Oliver Way - Lucky Dip (Ben Long Remix) [Epmmusic]
Kontal - Trauma [Soma Recordings]
Michal Wolski - Diamond [International Day Off]
Snctr - Nyctophilia [Temple]
Paul Ritch - Last Moment [Quartz Rec]
Cleric - Silent Kingdom (Vsk Remix) [Soma Recordings]
Endplate - Entering The Crater [Aine]
Yuji Kondo - Tonal Disturbance [Abyss Recordings]
Dave Tarrida - Black Holes [Wunderblock Records]
Mark Broom - Loop132 (Rondell Adams Nitefreaxxx Remix) [Beard Man]
Mtd - Mokusha (Birth Of Frequency Remix) [Binary Cells]
Frank Kvitta - Tracking [Braaf Records]
Andre Crom - Resonance [Off Recordings]
Boris - Raw Silk [Intec Digital]
Tensal - Cobertoria [Soma Recordings]

Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]