Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Plaster - The Climbers [Kvitnu]
Diamond Sublimating - Full Coimbra [Tapes Sublimating]
Fluxion - Another Side [Vibrant Music]
Ian Mono - Riffle [Echobound]
Fell Reis - Event Horizon [Myr]
Sonar Base - The Second Great War [Deeptrax Records]
Luxus Varta - Radion [Brokntoys]
Patient 36 - Vor Dem Fall [Broque]
User Engine - Utopian Vision [Stepback Records]
Subcortical - He Is Still Breathing [Subcortical]
Nima Khak - Kyoto Protocol Breakers [Odd Even]
Stefan Tews - Sed1v [Delusion]
Michal Wolski - Marble Peak [International Day Off]
Kastil - Right Ablution [Soul Notes / Stale]
Stiv Hey - Memories (Spektre Remix) [Loose Records]
Rhyw - Droogs (Paleman Remix) [Th±Tar Hallow]
Cleric - Silent Kingdom [Soma]
Strathy - Jing Jin Ji ( Joton Rmx) [Newrhythmic Recs]
Slv - Artefakt [Soma]
Forward Strategy Group - Driptip [Arts]
William Arist - Allure (Antonio De Angelis Remix) [Dead Cert. Records]
Concept Of Thrill - Prolix (Rommek Remix) [Absolute Records]
Presion - Fateful Break [Planet Rhythm]
Petter B - Missad Räffla [H-Productions]
Drumcomplex - Eyesight [Off Recordings]
Niereich - 6am Insomnia [Nonlinear Systems]
Saytek - Warsaw Live [Hike Recordings]
Dial Tone - Cypher (Viers Remix) [Interstate Records]
Distant Echoes - Under The Influence [Counterchange]

Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]