Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Mike Davis – Communiqué From An Absent Future 3 [Brenda Records]
Cabasa - KMD1 [No Suit Records]
OAKE - Apath (Regis Remix) [SNTS]
Primal Code - Allysum [Konstrukt]
Human Space Machine - RN2GLM [Native Response]
Andu Simion - Heavy Glow [Palinoia]
ORBE - Cosmic Creed [Palinoia]
Patrik Carrera - Grails [Newrhythmic Records]
Andre Kronert - The Gate [Even Odd]
Pär Grindvik - Private Life [Stockholm LTD]
Hector & Nicole Moudaber - NM & Hector - Retrosaw2 [Vlack]
Laval - Twsr [Stockholm LTD]
Gideon - Closing In [Lessismore]
Frazier - Chord Runner (Mark Flash Rework) [Motech]
Jamaica Suk - Panoramance [SUB_tl]
Stare5 - Velonaut [Epmmusic]
Christian Bonori - Solid State [BUSH]
Edit Select - Variation 2.1 [Soma]
Saphileaum - Domovoi [Norite]
Miss Electric - Tribalism (Uncertain Remix) [Advanced Records]
Another Alias - Heave [White Of My Eyes]
The Advent - Valiant Keys [What Came First / EGG LDN]
Andre Crom - Expansion [Ovum Recordings]
Dawn Razor - Broken Toys [ARTS Digital Ltd]
Marnyc - Growing Slowly [Wunderblock]
E.D.C. - Too Many Ifs [Every Detail Counts]
Ade Fenton - Manipulator (Madben Remix) [Advanced Records]
Vegim & Nuno Zanga - How To Disappear [SUB_tl]
Gemini Voice Archive - Singularity (Inigo Kennedy Remix) [Soma]
Thomas Hoffknecht - Chunky [Micro.Fon]

Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]