Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

City Of Hungry Ghosts - Dead Tired [Beat Imprint]
Pascal Hetzel - Aphonopelma [Constant Variables]
Ralph Mirto - Space Jump [Credo]
Falling Apart - First Fragment [Falling Apart]
Rook Vallade - Badlstmp [Touchin' Bass]
Ossa Di Mare - Asphyxia [Blackwater]
Michal Wolski - Mer De Corail [Recognition Recordings]
Drone Division - Deflector 7-T [Drone Difision]
Dj Datch - Disorientation [Aconito]
Qik - Ensuena [Aula Magna]
Inno - The Lake [Soundscapes Records]
Dml - Sfw [Broque]
Hedrome - May [Blanksheet]
Mazepa - Anathema [Motech]
Alexis Tyrel - Cynical Slaps [Lessismore]
Sky Deep - That Kick Though [Reveller Records]
Jeremy Wang - R1 [Konstruktiv]
Dj Emerson - Manuka [Micro.Fon]
Artist Unknown - W0rmh0l3.Dat [3xpl017]
Orphx - Transmutation [Hands / Sonic Groove]
Luigi Tozzi - Mefite [Mental Modern]
Charles Fenckler - Stellar Acid (Francois X Remix) [Soma]
Francesco Terranova - Terra 1 [Epmmusic]
Edit Select - Breathe In Exhale [Reclaim Your City]
Dany Rodriguez - Find The Way [Rmr]
OleKa - Obliteration [Konstruktiv]
Oliver Deutschmann - Plus (Setaoc Mass Minused Remix) [Caduceus Records]
Morenceli - Caligola Statue (Dorian Gray Remix) [Blackwater]

Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]