Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Ossa Di Mare - Asphyxia (Elle Remix) [Blackwater]
Ralph Mirto - Space Jump [Credo]
Michal Wolski - Mer Caspienne [Recognition Recordings]
Counterfly - Glimmers [Broque]
A1st - Theme Of Sun Memory [Multi Culti]
Freund Der Familie - Grand Rue [Soundscapes Records]
Braincell - Last Of The Least [Harthouse]
Brothomstates - Rktik [Arcola]
I/Y - A2 [I/Y]
Weitone - Racket [Caduceus Records]
Stanny Franssen & Ortin Cam - 3rd Moon From Jupiter [Trapez]
Moog Conspiracy - B1000 [Elektrotribe]
Gennaro Mastrantonio & Billy Johnston - Modern Hill [True Type Tracks]
Blawan - Passer By [Blueprint]
Luca Angnelli - Long Delay [Soma]
Ralph Mirto - Attractive (Acensor Repaint) [Credo]
Michel Lauriola - SNRA [Newrhythmic]
Rumah & Progression - Speak Spell [Blueprint]
Alex Bau - Organic Deformation Of Oz [MBR Limited]
Thomas Hoffknecht - 147 [Micro.Fon]
Gary Beck - Barefoot Sunday [BEK Audio]
Paul Mac - Don't Leave Me [Forte Techno]
Renaeker (Callum Plant & Carlo Ribeiro) - Acid Terrain [Audio Borderline]
Rommek - Off The Radar [Blueprint]
Solenoid - Mind Controlled [From 0-1]
Moog Conspiracy - Black Stone [Elektrotribe]

Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]