Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Nico Purman - Infinite [Art of Memory]
Craig Mcwhinney - Upon Humanity (Eric Cloutier's The End Is Near Version) [Southern Light]
Alexander Robotnick - Maiden Voyage [Hot Elephant Music]
Drivetrain - My World [Soiree Records International]
Jonzun Crew - Pack Jam [Tommy Boy]
Dmitry Distant - Lobotomy (Obergman Remix) [Bass Agenda Recordings]
Deep'a & Biri - Echoic Memories [Transmat]
Mono.Xid - Contruum [Modul]
Surgeon - Yourself [Blueprint Records]
Mattias Fridell - Calumniate (Pjotr G & Dubiosity Remix) [Lateral Fragments 09]
Developer - Scriptures (Digital Exclusive) [Modularz]
Mental Resonance - A Man Scaped [Tsunami Records]
Kapoor - Never Give Up [Four Sides]

Set by D-Knox – “Mix Two Friday Night”
Appears courtesy
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Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]