Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe
The Leather Funnel by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Spectral Ship by Wilhelm Hauff
The Nameless City by H.P. Lovecraft

These titles were accompanied by the music below. The stories aired are in the public domain and can be downloaded at no charge from or

51717 - At The Well [Opal Tapes]
Energy Space Center - Echinodermata Crinoidea [Symphonic Distribution]
Anjou - Backsight [Kranky]
Free Quenz - Abend [Klanggold]
Raw C - Ego Split (Atom Remix) [No]
Ben Avion - Learned Helplessness [Mentaltunes]
Jukka Rintamaki Cellostart Part 2 [Kning Disk]
Arctica - Annuminas (Phase 1) [Stell Recordings]
Shambala Networks - Atomok Kozti Kommunikalas [Adx Records]
Mood481 - Dronevana [Apptronica]
Vettore Spaziale - Quatrium Patterns [Le Galassie Di Seyfert]
Eemian - Fenris [Ancient Language]
Charles Edward Fambro - New Tokyo [Delhf]
Asura - Overture [Ultimae France]
Anjou - Fieldwork [Kranky]
John Sandia & Aniello - 1 [Opal Tapes]
Ben Avion - Plutonium [Mentaltunes]
Minor - One Peculiar Campfire (Symphocat Rework) [Simphonic Silence Inside]
United Future Organization - The Moving Shadows [Polygram]

Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]