Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Dead Fader - Booze Lair [Touchin' Bass]
Astvaldur - Swallowed [Blaq]
Orfeo & Yougene - There Is Only Now (Steinklopfer Remix) [Ghosthall]
Alex Under - Verde Ambulante [CYMK]
Gary Martin - Galaxy Style (Rolando Remix) [Motech Records]
Damiano Di Cagno - Borderland [Nonlinear Systems]
Drone Division - 2100 (Concept Of Thrill rmx) [Distorted Perception]
Patrick Walker - Outpost [Soma]
Unjin - Expansion [ECI Korea]
Cari Lekebusch - Return To Base 2 [Hybrid]
Thope - Frequency [Credo]
Cømpass - Porrima [Mutewax]
Patrik Carrera - Eio [Paranoid Dancer]
Luis Martinez - House Muzic (Ben Long & Oliver Way rmx) [Epm Music]
Héctor Oaks - Avoid Reality [Key]
Rebekah - Kill Floor [Soma]
Christian Wunsch - Crystal Oscillator [Soma]
Hail Blk - Space Blk [Hail Blk]
Xhei - Done [Newrhythmic]
Christian Gerlach - Noan [Nonlinear Systems]
Patrick Walker - Orbits Decay [Soma]
Christian Wunsch - Optical Illusion [Soma]
Transient X4 - Lost In Perceptions [Key]
The Plant Worker - Iota 002 [Key]
Laiva - T#16 [Wavereform]
Patrik Carrera - Usese [Paranoid Dancer]
Mike Gervais - Relax [On My Own]
Rebekah - Confined Heart [Soma]
Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]