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Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Jamie Curnock - Extract [Onnset]
Zusammenklang - Infinite [Soso]
Simone Gatto - Moss [Vosnos Records]
Subversive - Intergalactic [VRV]
Esteban Adame - The Grind [Epm Music]
Dj 3000 - Anjani (Lionel Weets Remix) [Motech Records]
Shcuro - Black Acid (Myler Remix) [Sombra]
Ionic Benton (Vegim Repaint) - Monolith [Contrast-R]
Chich - C18 [Modulhertz]
Kryss Hypnowave - Tail Fiber (Wunderblock Remix) [Wunderblock]
Reeko & Exium - Circuit 3 [Mental Disorder]
Soolee - Tense [MORE THAN LESS]
Radial - Excavated (Tripeo Remix) [Radial Records]
Akasoundsite - Materia [Soundsite Records]
Get Serious - Sunflowers [Bulletdodge Records]
Martyn Hare - The Bitter Pill (Darkcell Remix) [Emetic]
Vsk - 1.3 System Mix [Complex Adaptive Systems]
Wire - [Wire]
Simone Gatto - The Way Of Life (Orlando Voorn Dub) [Vosnos Records]
Soolee - Tense (Unam Zetineb Remix) [MORE THAN LESS]
Folker Zwart - Shade 2 [Credo Records]
Shcuro - Black Acid (Paul Mac Remix) [Sombra]
Diagenetic Origin - Question [Sonic Groove]
James Ruskin - Into A Circle [Jealous God]
Radial - Tipsy (Boyconstrictor Remix) [Radial Records]
Surgeon - Fixed Action Pattern [Token Records]
Tracy - Something To Believe In (Annulled User Remix) [Sonntag Morgen]
Jamie Curnock - Grown [Onnset]
Concept Of Thrill - The Black Horse [Distorted Perception]
Tadeo - Logic Process [Another Intelligence]

Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]

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