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Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Architectural - Prologue [Architectural]
Morphic Wave - Quiet After Storm [Resiliens]
Agaric - Sound Of Wave [We Are Records]
Siggatunez - Big Fish [Motech Records]
Alessio Mereu - Pauseless [Amam]
Jules Dickens - The Return [Abstrakt Dance]
Tadeo - Latence State [M Rec Ltd Grey Series]
Sean Ray - Deep 454 (Mgun Remix) [Bulletdodge Records]
Lachriz - Truthery [Outis]
Gary Beck - Blotch [Bek Audio]

Mix by David Meiser

For information about him, please visit the following websites.

01-Drexciya - Temple of dos de agua
02-X-101 - Sonic Destroyer
03-David Meiser - Machines are Alive
04-Boris Divider - Evolution
05-Marcel Dettmann - Deluge
06-Radhad - The Wall
07-JT Kyrke - Fritzls law
08-Zadig - TTRXL
09-Oliver Ho - Earth
10-Oliver Ho - Awaking the sentient B1
11-Ascion - San Gennaro
12-Joyb - Rubiks Geometry
13-Tuomas Rantanen - Babylon
14-Bas Mooy - King of echo (remix Ascion & Carbone)
15-Polar Inertia - Major Axis
16-Chris McCormack - Your Green Eyes
17-David Meiser - Breaking the Wall
18-CWS - Scanners (remix Monix Lance Blaise)
19-Monix - Unit A
20-Bryan Chapman - Terminus (remix Ricardo Garduno)
21-David Meiser & Black Asteroid - Who Controls


Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]

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