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Tracklist for the show:
Artist - Title [Label]

Milkplant & The Automatic Message - Lights At 1000 Meters (Ambient Version) [From 0 to 1]
Lucy - Human Triage [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Fontarrian - Now U R Talking Change Huh [Antime]
Dasharush - Ocean Shy [Audiooptiks]
Lucy - Leave Us Alone [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
P.O.O.F. - Die Umarmung Der Geister [Amam]
John Barber - Love In Life [Soma]
Nadja Lind - Kenya Nights [Lucidflow]
Ivanov - New Sky (Soulphiction Remix) [Waveform]
Jakobin & Domino - Always There [Luv Shack]
John Barber - Fractal [Safari Numerique]
Audioleptique - Orfiline [Future Relics]
Robert Feedmann - Hardship [Vierzehnnullvier]
Esteban Adame - Home Sick [EPM Music]
DJ Sodeyama - Underwater (Jona Kopp Remix) [ECI Korea]
Luca Bear - Strictly Forbidden (Reworked) [Dirty Session Records]
Planetary Assault Systems - Riot In Silo 12 [Mote Evolver]
Tuttle & Chich - Stanislas [Modulhertz]
Alex Bau - Diversions (Ad.Lib & Silvision Remix) [Affin]
Milkplant & The Automatic Message - Colonies [From 0 to 1]
Lucy - The Illusion Of Choice [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Wunderblock - Menthol Destruction (Acrobdubedit) [Wunderblock]
Martyn Hare - Tough Times (Ryuji Takeuchi Remix) [Emetic]
VSK - 9mm [CRS]
Planetary Assault Systems - Serc [Mote Evolver]
Charlton - If They Don't Realise [Krill]
Coldgeist - Artefacts (Developer Remix V1) [Weekend Circuit]
Recloose - Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye [Planet-E]

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